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Isostatic Graphite


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Fine grain cool press graphite material is a new type material which was presented in the latest fifty years. It has better properties compared to ordinary materials. It has many properties, such as good electric conductivity; heat conductivity; high strength under high temperature; self lubrication; high temperature resistance and high bulk density and easily processing etc. It is more and more used in different fields of national economy, such as mono-crystal silicon; electric spark machining; metal continuous casting; high temperature corrosion resistance container; special purpose and so on.

Isotropic graphite (Fine grain big size, isotropic graphite) is produced by isostatic compaction technology, it has not only all properties of high purity graphite, but also has good isotropism, which will not be affected by its dimension, shape and sampling orientation; its structure is homogeneous, fine and close with high mechanical strength, strong oxidation resistance capacity and Good machining property, and so on. Its consumption is only 1/3~1/5 of copper material when it is used as EDM electrodes. It can be said that it is the best material among graphite materials.
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